Professional Dog Training with Brightdog Academy

Brightdog Academy is the life’s work of Alex Antoniazzi-a professional and certified expert in animal behavior- and it is quite possibly the simplest way to achieve the results that you want in regards to the obedience of your dog.

Brightdog Academy – Professional Online Dog Training membership Site

The Brightdog Academy brings the research, knowledge and honed tactics of a world-class dog trainer to your computer. A lot of times, going to obedience school with your dog is ultimately ineffective because as soon as you leave the facility and the controlled environment, everything your dog learned goes out the window. With Brightdog Academy, all the training resources are online and you can train your dog at home where he or she spends the most time.

Train your dog with Brightdog Academy
Train your dog with Brightdog Academy

Effectively Train Your Dog

It has been indicated by professionals in the field and by respected institutes that the aggression and “pack leader” training tactics of yesteryear are simply ineffective. In many cases, attempting to train an aggressive dog with shock collars, forceful speech and similar confrontational methods only serves to make the dog more aggressive.

Even if you have a particularly unruly dog the Brightdog Academy system is guaranteed to improve its behavior in 4 weeks. Problems like incessant barking, aggressiveness towards other dogs, and ignoring basic commands are all addressed in the revolutionary training regimen that Alex Antoniazzi has made available to consumers online.

The Brightdog Academy System

By far, the most unique aspect of the Brightdog Academy training system is its approach. Instead of berating your dog into submission, the Brightdog Academy emphasizes trust, respect and compassion as a means to check your dog’s behaviors.

Dog’s as it turns out, behave in much the same way as humans. Just like us, canines react positively when there is an established trust between it and the owner. The care based methodology utilized by the Brightdog Academy training system is devoid of training collars, harsh tactics and instead focuses on strengthening the bond you have with your beloved pet, making them more receptive to correction and establishment of good habits and behaviors.

What You Can Expect

With a small subscription fee you will have access to the hundreds of videos and counting that Alex Antoniazzi created himself to show owners the simple and gentler way to train their dogs. You will also be able to ask Alex any questions you may have directly at any time and have access to step-by-step PDF guides that explain components of the system in detail.

What People Are Saying About Brightdog Academy

Everyday pet owners such as Joanna Pak have voiced their opinion on the Brightdog Academy system:

“Alex is amazing! My 8 month old puppy is afraid of everything and he really helped us deal with his fear. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient which is key when dealing with dogs and people. We would definitely use him again.”

Linda Alles also added

““Alex is very knowledgeable, patient and explains dog behavior and reactions very clearly. Learned A LOT and started putting his advice to use right away.”


Brightdog Academy system allows you to train your dog at your own pace, in your own home and without the use of aggressive and harmful training methods.


While the system gives you the tools you need to effectively train your dog, it is still up to the commitment and discipline of the owner to use them successfully.

Bottom Line:

When all is said and done the Brightdog Training system is an invaluable resource for anyone who is looking to make their dog a loving, loyal and obedient member of their family. It serves as a great tool for pet lovers and pets alike.

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