So Your Dog is Misbehaving

Dog ownership isn’t easy but it is very rewarding if you go about it properly. You will need to give your dogs the right foods, take them out and care for them daily. Sometimes it can be hard to meet the challenges that come along with owning a pet. It is expensive to own a […]

How to Feed Your Puppy

All of us want to care for our dogs to the best of our ability, and feeding a puppy correctly is very important to give it the very best start in life. For ideal growth and health, a balanced diet is necessary. This means the diet includes the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, […]

Stop Your Dog Biting

It is essential that you learn to stop your dog biting. We have all seen the various news reports about a family member, or a member of the public being mauled by a dog. Responsible dog owners know they have an obligation as part of their dog training to stop or prevent biting. The earlier […]

Stop Your Dog Chewing

We know that dogs need training, plus some pet dogs need training out of some anti-social or dangerous behaviors. This is not impossible and we can use a dog’s basic instincts to help us help them learn what we want them to do. Probably the most annoying habits dogs get into is chewing on your […]

Toilet Train Your Puppy

You will unfortunately have to clean after your puppy when you bring it home. This is not so much fun as some parts of owning a dog, but it’s important to be healthy and sanitary about your puppy’s toilet training. It is important to teach your furry friend which sections of the yard are suitable […]

Get The Most From Your Dog Breeder

A reputable dog breeder should know what type of behavior to expect from his puppies as they grow into adulthood. Although it is easy to predict the future temperament of a litter by observing their parents, the right breeder has the knowledge and understanding of the breed’s history. This knowledge and understanding gives the breeder […]

English Foxhound

The English Foxhound is more stout in physical appearance than the American Foxhound. Although the exact origin of this breed is unknown, we do know that particular pedigrees were kept of English Foxhounds since the 1700s. This is longer than any other dog breed. Fox hunting was a sport that became very popular with the […]

Manchester Terrier

The Manchester Terrier has been described “cat-like” because of its overly-cautious demeanor, independent personality and they also take great pride in keeping themselves clean, similar to what a cat does. The Manchester Terrier is friendly towards other dogs and highly-affectionate with it owners. However, when strange people approach this dog becomes alert and reserved. For […]

Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terrier is a terrier that loves to play and explore. They are an affectionate breed, loving, and devoted to the family. Lakeland Terriers also make excellent watchdogs, like most terriers. It is their nature to be weary of strangers, especially of approaching individuals on their territory. These dogs are also very reserved around […]